A message from Joseph

"The thing I like most about being a podiatrist is my diverse patient group. I love being able to care for the sport specific injuries of an elite runner to the general aches and pains of an aging baby boomer. All of it is interesting and challenging."
- Dr. Joseph Stern

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May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for providing such a great service and caring for my 95 year old mother, Luba Mulyk. She is walking better and can hardly wait for her diabetic insoles that you so graciously ordered.

May God keep you weII so you may continue offering the world your services of Iove.
— Dr. Peter Mulyk

Dr. Stern has been my podiatrist since 1992. Over that period of time he has treated me for many foot related issues from chronic ingrown toenails to the provision of orthotics. I have found him to be knowledgeable and sometimes creative in his approach to the various foot problems I have presented. He has also treated my husband. Since my retirement in 2005, I continue to travel to Downtown Vancouver from Richmond to keep him as my podiatrist. I would recommend him to anyone wanting podiatric care.
— Susan Blakney

Around 7 years ago my wife now near 70 years old was fitted for orthotics by Dr Stern....the results were fairly immediate...Within a couple of weeks the pain in her feet was for the most part gone....Just a few months ago i developed plantars facitis in one heal....Earlier in year i injured my foot with a small crack in a bone near my toe joint....never really did much about that and then after a few months discovered so through a x ray....i went to Dr Stern for a examination...Dr Stern by no means pressured me into purchasing orthotics but presented it as a option and that i could do some exercises and some phsio first.....To be honest the pain was bad so i knew of my wifes successes so i immediately had him fit me for orthotics....I used them for about two weeks with about a 20% improvement but afte 6 weeks i was at 70% .....now after 3 months i can say i may have days of a modest discomfort for the most part i experience little discomfort.....I am writing this letter not necessarily to endorse Dr Stern but to point out that your health and pain management is vital to you and please pick a experienced Dr over all the store front subsitutes.....In the end maybe spending the $600 is the wisest route and you get the benefits of free followup examinations and someone with a lengthy experience behind them.....finally,,,,i am not related to Dr Stern and had never met him before i visited him
— Chuck Gould